Damian McCarthy – dedicated individual with the same level of expertise as Whistleblowing solicitors in London

Have you been looking to work with a Senior Advocate, who has the same level of experience as some of the best whistleblowing solicitors in London? Damian McCarthy is the individual you need to contact to represent your case. He is an employment law specialist who is passionate and devoted to ensuring his clients’ interests are protected – establishing an exceptional reputation for his customer advocacy and reliability as an individual. He regularly works with companies, human resource managers, local authorities, trade unions and individual claimants who need employment law advice and representation.


Whistleblowing can broadly be defined as the act of speaking out where a worker believes that an act of wrongdoing has happened, is happening, or will happen. The Employment Rights Act 1996 was put in place to ensure a worker is able to “blow the whistle” and still be protected. Damian has often represented clients in whistleblowing cases – a prime example being Dr Jesudason, a high profile whistleblowing doctor in the NHS. Damian always provides clients with clear, solid guidance at every step of their case – as well as detailing any options they may have.


Damian McCarthy is always incredibly devoted to each of his cases and will occasionally also act for clients in unfair dismissal claims, but usually only where these also involve claims of discrimination or whistleblowing. He proudly guides each of his clients you through the difficulties that they will face and develop a winning strategy that will get them the results they desire. No matter whether the case is a standard 1 – 2-day case or a more complex 30-day discrimination or whistleblowing case – Damian’s experience is extensive and is the same level as some of the best whistleblowing solicitors in London.


Although Damian cannot represent every case that comes forward, he always aims to represent each of his clients where he is able to do so. He can also help you obtain funding for your case and point you in the right direction of suitable whistleblowing solicitors in London. No matter who he is working with, Damian McCarthy is fully committed to each and every different case and always strives to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. He is open to working with any case that may surround employment law and no case will be deemed as being too big or small.


Would you like to be represented by a Senior Advocate, who has the same level of experience as some of the best whistleblowing solicitors in London? Make sure you contact a member of Damian McCarthy’s team today. Please feel free to call 020 8263 6080 or fill in the contact form on his website. Include all your relevant information and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.