Damian McCarthy – Senior Advocate with the same experience as an Employment Law Barrister in Canary Wharf

If you are looking to work with an exceptional Senior Advocate, with the same level of experience as an employment law barrister in Canary Wharf, Damian McCarthy is the person you need to contact. He is a devoted individual who is passionate about providing the highest quality results for all the clients he works with. His speciality is in whistleblowing, discrimination, harassment and dismissal claims, representing a number of high profile clients over the years – such as Moira Stuart and HBOS.


Damian has over twenty years of experience in employment law, at the highest levels, and is incredibly passionate about protecting his clients’ interests – working with them in order to understand each case considerably to develop a winning strategy. As an individual, Damian greatly enjoys his work and is an incredibly enthusiastic Senior Advocate – who has the same level of experience as an employment law barrister in Canary Wharf. He always takes great personal satisfaction in winning cases and often achieves outstanding results for his clients in some very difficult circumstances – which is a matter of professional pride to him.


As a professional, with the same level of experience of an employment law barrister in Canary Wharf, Damian specialises in discrimination and whistleblowing claims which often involve claims of bullying, harassment and stress-related illness. His clients include high profile whistleblowers, companies, local authorities, trade unions, Human Resource managers and individual claimants who are looking for an employment law professional for representation and guidance. More recently he acted for Dr Jesudason, a high profile whistleblowing doctor in the NHS and in a separate case he represented a senior manager in a large multinational in a case involving fraud of several £100 million.


He understands more than anyone that it can be incredibly difficult to when choosing a good employment law barrister in Canary Wharf, as there are endless firms to choose from and they all claim to be specialists. The first and most important step on the road to justice is appointing the right person to represent you, and if Damian McCarthy is able to take on your case – he will do so. If he cannot represent you he can help you obtain funding for your case and point you in the right direction of a suitable specialist. He truly has established a reputation as a tough and effective employment law advocate – who wants the best for you and your case.


Are you interested in working with an experienced specialist, with the same level of experience as employment law barrister in Canary Wharf? Make sure you contact a member of Damian McCarthy’s experienced team today on 020 8263 6080 and they will be more than happy to help.