Discrimination Solicitor London

If you are looking for the very best discrimination solicitor in London, Damian McCarthy is a Senior Advocate who works at a Claims Management Company and is able to undertake the same type of work as a solicitor. He is the individual you need to contact. He is incredibly passionate about protecting his client’s interests and works hard to understand their case in order to develop a winning strategy. With over 20 years experience in the industry, he really is the best – if you need a discrimination solicitor in London you need to go to Damian McCarthy, who is a Senior Advocate today.


Damian has been regularly hired by the biggest law firms in the UK to represent their clients and has built up a reputation as a tough and effective advocate. He has extensive experience in representing clients in Employment Tribunals in cases that vary from 1-day unfair dismissal claims to 25 – 30 day complex discrimination cases. He regularly works with companies, human resource managers, local authorities, trade unions and individual claimants who need employment law advice and representation.


Indirect discrimination is more difficult to identify than direct discrimination. This kind of discrimination exists in a situation where an employer implicates a general rule, known as a provision, criterion or practice (PCP) which applies to all employees but places certain individuals at a disadvantage compared to the majority. A common example of indirect discrimination would be for a business to expect all its employees to work certain hours despite some workers having private duties that do not allow these rules to be comfortably accommodated. This expectation would not be considered direct discrimination as the same rule applies to all employees, however, as it harms the lifestyles of some staff it can be considered an indirect form of discrimination.


Do you want to work with a discrimination solicitor in London? Damian McCarthy is a Senior Advocate and the only person you need to contact. He is open to working with any case that may surround employment law and no case will be deemed as being too big or small. Please call a member of our customer service team on 020 8263 6080 who will be more than happy to help.