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Pro-remain MPs Seek To Continue EU Employment Law In Britain

A new cross-party group named ‘Vote Leave Watch’ has been set up by pro-EU MPs in an effort to convince Theresa May to sanction employment law legislation that gives UK workers to maintain certain rights they’ve enjoyed under EU law regardless of the potential change that Brexit may bring. Labour MP Chuka Umunna, Chair of the […]

Employment Opportunities Unfairly Denied To Muslim Women

A report issued by the Commons Women and Equalities Committee has revealed how Muslim women in Britain regularly suffer discrimination in the workplace by seeing their opportunities limited as a result of assumptions being made about their lifestyle and character. The report records how MPs believe UK employers regard their behaviour as an “acceptable form of […]

Shock Study Reveals 50% of Women Suffer Workplace Sexual Harassment

A shock recent study researched jointly between the TUC (Trade Unions Congress) and the Everyday Sexism Project has discovered that 52% of women in the UK workplace have experienced an incident of sexual harassment. A third of the women polled for this study also experienced uninvited sexual comments, and a quarter of them spoke of […]

Deliveroo Workers Must Pay All Employment Tribunal Costs

A recent investigation into the employment criteria of the popular restaurant food delivery service Deliveroo revealed there is a shocking clause in the company’s contracts for self employed workers which prevents them from receiving the same employment rights of other employees. The Guardian is reporting that the company’s cyclist employees are not legally entitled to bring […]

Will Brexit Change Employment Law Rights?

Now that everybody has finally gotten over the shock of Britain choosing to leave the EU, the government can begin the process of evaluating, and if necessary reordering, elements of UK employment law across various working sectors. But what exactly can employers and employees expect to see changed? Will anything actually be altered? David Davis, […]

Sex Discrimination Win For Male Police Officer

Workplace harassment and gender discrimination most often affects women, but as one recent case involving the Metropolitan police department shows, men are sometimes also on the receiving end of this. An employment tribunal ruling concluded that Chief Inspector Adrian Denby of Paddington Green Station, London, suffered sex discrimination on five occasions since 2014 at the […]

New Report Highlights UK Pregnancy Discrimination

A recently survey produced by the Equity and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) shows a startling number of young women are experiencing workplace discrimination over issues relating to pregnancy and maternity. The EHRC report also reveals how women are six times more likely to be dismissed from their job if they are pregnant, and that 6% […]

Office Temp Stands Up To Dress Code “Discrimination”

A controversy in the workplace emerged recently as a London office temp was sent home from work when she refused to wear high heels in an office. Nicola Thorpe, 27, was informed by her bosses at Central London finance business, PwC, that she is expected to wear shoes with a heel measuring 2 to 4 […]

Gay Discrimination Ruling Challenged by Christian Bakery

In a case important for illustrating the legal consequences of how the personal belief of business proprietors can result in accusations of discrimination against customers, a court has heard how the proprietors of a Northern-Irish bakery have appealed a 2015 court ruling that they discriminated against a customer’s sexuality. Gay rights activist, Gareth Lee, claims […]

Tribunal success for police officer facing racial discrimination

A British-Asian police officer who specialised in anti-terror activities has won a tribunal claim against Kent police force on grounds that he was racially discriminated against by being overlooked for a job promotion. Angus Bowler was an officer at Kent Police for 25 years, during which time he specialised in counter terrorism activities and anti-immigration […]