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MPs Seek Maternity Discrimination Rights For New Mothers

The government is progressing with a detailed consultation to assess the various means by which employers might act in a discriminatory away against new mothers in the British workplace. This investigation comes after a series of eighteen recommendations were put forward in August 2016 by MPs working as part of the government’s Women and Equalities committee. The […]

How Will Employment Law Change in 2017?

Each year the employment law world experiences a number of changes that will ultimately affect the rulings made by many tribunal hearings. The past twelve months saw the sanction of a number of government established changes take that will come into law during 2017. Both employers and employees should understand what these changes mean for […]

Depressed Care Worker Wins Big Payout Following Unfair Dismissal

Those who suffer unlawful treatment in the workplace commonly suffer psychiatric injury as a result, and Employment Tribunals (ETs) have broad powers to ensure that they are properly compensated. In one case, a veteran care worker who was plunged into depression before being unfairly dismissed won substantial damages. The woman had worked for a local […]

Unfair Dismissal Can Blight Your Lifetime Earnings

Unfair dismissal can blight your career indefinitely but, with the right legal advice, you can be compensated for every penny you lose in earnings. One case that proved the point concerned a finance director who was persecuted for whistleblowing and found herself out of a job in middle age. The woman blew the whistle on […]

Sacked Maritime Armed Guard Has Compensation Hopes Boosted

When losing parties read an Employment Tribunal (ET) decision, fairness demands that it should be clear to them exactly why they have failed. In one case where that did not happen, a maritime armed guard who was sacked after failing to get on with a client won a fresh chance to prove that his dismissal […]

Think-tank Report Says UK Agency Workers Are Exploited

Christmas 2016 will see an estimated 340,000 UK workers employed for temporary work via agency contracts which provide only minimal legal protection against unfair treatment in the workplace. This revelation is part of the research from a new think-tank report conducted by the UK Resolution Foundation that reveals details of its eighteen-month investigation into how […]

Dorchester Hotel Criticised Over New Grooming Rules for Female Staff

The Dorchester is certainly one of the most luxurious hotels in the UK, but no business should be powerful enough to dictate how female staff groom their bodies as the renowned hotel intends to do. A list of the rules the business expects its female staff to abide by has caused a considerable backlash due […]

Employee Claims Sex & Race Discrimination for Not Bowing to Her Employer

The globally renowned Korean business Dongbu Daewoo Electronics has been taken to tribunal by a female employee who claims she was subjected to acts of sex and race discrimination. Mrs Misook McDonald, who is representing herself at tribunal, was allegedly demoted from her job as a financial manager because she did not bow to her […]

Homelessness Charities in Transfer of Undertakings Test

Four charity workers whose roles were shifted from one employer to another during a consolidation exercise will suffer no ill effects in terms of their pay and conditions after convincing a tribunal that the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) applied to their cases. The four were employed by charity A, which […]

Should The UK Allow Payment for Whistleblowers? 

The negative connotations attached to whistleblowing can have disastrous impact upon a worker’s career after they make their disclosure should no legal protection scheme exist for them. Many of these whistleblowers will faced with the possibility that potential future employers form a negative view of their character based on the decision to disclose an workplace grievance. Some alterations have […]