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Tribunal success for police officer facing racial discrimination

A British-Asian police officer who specialised in anti-terror activities has won a tribunal claim against Kent police force on grounds that he was racially discriminated against by being overlooked for a job promotion. Angus Bowler was an officer at Kent Police for 25 years, during which time he specialised in counter terrorism activities and anti-immigration […]

Official NHS Whistleblowing Policy Introduced

The NHS Improvement organisation, which oversees the performance of NHS establishments across the UK, has published its highly anticipated final draft of an official whistleblowing policy report that the entire NHS must enforce prior to 31st March 2017. It was agreed last November there should be one set of rules regarding whistleblowing for use across […]

The Employment Law Changes of 2016

April 2016 will see a number of new changes occurring across UK employment law that employers and employees alike must adapt to. Each year workers get caught off guard by the alterations that are suddenly a UK legal requirement. Read on for an overview of the key changes we should all be prepared for. Introducing […]

The Brexit & UK Employment Law

If the UK leaves the European Union (EU) after the June 23rd referendum many workers will be left wondering how the change will affect laws associated with the UK workplace. EU law supports a large part of British employment legislation, such as discrimination rights, working hours and the maternity rights granted to both women and […]

Disability Discrimination Win For Starbucks Employee

A woman with dyslexia has won an employment tribunal case on grounds that she suffered disability discrimination at the hands of her former employer, US coffee corporation Starbucks, which claimed she committed fraud by falsifying documents. Ms Meseret Kumulchew won her tribunal case this past December after it was ruled she was discriminated against when […]

Tribunal Grants £1.2 million Compensation To NHS Surgeon

A top heart surgeon who found himself on the receiving end of discrimination in the workplace after speaking out over a number of controversial failings within the NHS has been awarded a massive £1.2 million at an employment tribunal. This ruling was granted to Dr Mattu a full fifteen years since he initially expressed his […]

Former Co-operative Group Employee Claims Unfair Dismissal For Whistleblowing

Co-operative Group has faced legal action from a former company executive who claims the organisation embarked upon a “deliberate campaign” to compromise her reputation following an act of whistleblowing in which she expressed concerns over what she believes is the company’s malpractice and poor governance. Kathleen Harmeston was employed as procurement director of Co-operative Group […]

How Might Employment Law Change During 2016?

Not since 1996 has a Tory government been had the power to make changes to UK employment law, and there has not been a time in recent memory when so many vital issues underway that could alter the direction of employment law. Here is an general overview of several of the key changes that will […]

New Guidelines For Treating Transgender Employees

The issue of treatment towards transgender employees has long been a controversial one in employment law. Until recently there was no defining notion of how transgender concerns should be handled by employers, but now, as transgender issues are becoming ever more vocal in UK society, government guidance is reflecting this. Nicky Morgan, the UK Minister […]

Lock v British Gas Trading: The Case That Could Change Holiday Pay

The recent tribunal case of Lock v British Gas Trading involved British Gas employee Mr Lock appealing a 2014 ECJ decision that denied his commission payments to be part of his holiday pay. Mr Lock’s successful reversal of the ECJ ruling may have significant changes to the entire UK legislation of whether commission should count […]