Damian McCarthy – a dedicated employment law specialist

Do you require assistance from an employment law specialist and you are not sure who to turn to? Do not worry, Damian McCarthy will be able to help you. With more than two decades of experience in handling complex employment law cases, you can trust that Damian will be able to provide you with the advice and guidance you need, no matter what your circumstances may be. He has represented clients at the highest levels and you can rest assured knowing that he is more than capable of assisting you. 

Whilst if Damian is able to represent you himself, he will, he cannot guarantee to represent everyone who contacts him. However, he can still help you obtain funding for your case and point you in the right direction of a suitable employment lawyer. Damian knows that the first and arguably most important step on the road to justice is appointing the right employment lawyer, and he can provide you with advice in this regard that is completely free. You can find out more about how Damian can help you over on his website. 

Should Damian be able to represent you himself, he will be totally committed to your case and do all he can to ensure that you achieve the results you were hoping for. As an employment law specialist, Damian will value your interests and he will never settle your case because it is best for him, you will always be his main concern and priority. He will represent you fearlessly and over the years he has built a reputation for fighting ‘tooth and nail’ for his clients. 

You can always enlist Damian’s help knowing that through hard work and the application of his experience and skill, he has turned very difficult cases into winning cases. Most of his work involves high profile cases, in particular; discrimination and whistleblowing claims. Unlike other employment law specialists, he has a ‘team’ mentality too and he will work very closely with you, guiding you through the difficulties that you may face and developing a winning strategy. There is a reason why the biggest law firms in the UK regularly hire Damian to represent their clients and you can trust that he will not let you down when you need him. 

If you would like to discuss your employment law issue with Damian McCarthy in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact him today. He will gladly provide you with a free, confidential and no-obligation discussion, which cannot be said for other employment law specialists. So, call him today on 020 8263 6080 or get in touch using the form on the contact page of his website and he will get back to you as soon as possible.