Damian McCarthy – the Specialist to Contact Regarding a Discrimination at Work Claim

Have you been experiencing problems in the workplace and you would like to make a discrimination at work claim against your employer? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Damian McCarthy today. As an employment law specialist, you can trust that Damian is the best person to reach out to and he will go above and beyond to assist you with the claim you are wanting to make. Over the years, Damian has built an impressive reputation for himself and you can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the service you receive when you turn to him. 

Unfortunately, discrimination at work claims are not as uncommon as they should be and far too many employees experience problems with employers and/or colleagues in the workplace. Whether you are being discriminated against due to your age, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation, religion or disability, you should know that all of these fall under something called ‘protected characteristics’ and The Equality Act 2010 (EA) is there to help you. Also, it does not matter whether you are an employee, a trainee or even a job applicant, The EA defends you. 

Thankfully, no matter what your individual situation may be when wanting to make a discrimination at work claim, Damian will ensure that all of the correct steps are taken and that everything is handled exactly as it should be from the very first moment you contact him. With more than two decades of experience handling some incredibly complex employment law cases, you can relax knowing that Damian will be able to work with you to achieve the results that you need. 

When wanting to make a discrimination at work claim, you should be aware that the vast majority of claims need to be filed within three months less one day from the date that the discrimination occurred. So, do not leave it too late to reach out to an experienced professional, like Damian, who will be able to assist you further in this regard. Ultimately, the sooner you get in touch with someone who can help you with your claim, the better. 

If you would like to speak to Damian about your discrimination at work claim in more detail, please feel free to pick up the phone today. You can call the office directly on 020 8263 6080 and there will be someone available to assist you further. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form on our website, filling in all of the required fields, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. You can trust that Damian really will do all he can to assist you with your discrimination at work claim and once you have got in touch, you will no longer be dealing with this issue alone.