Damian McCarthy – the specialist to turn to for help with race discrimination and dismissal claims

Are you looking to get some assistance when making a claim against your employer? If so, it is highly likely that Damian McCarthy will be able to help you. Damian has more than two decades of experience handling complex employment law cases and he specialises in discrimination claims, so you can trust that he is the best person to turn to for help with your race discrimination and dismissal claim. 

Damian is regularly instructed on high profile cases, many of which involve large sums of money and difficult issues, and he is known for always representing his clients fearlessly. Unlike other employment law specialists, Damian will never settle a case because it is in his interest to do so. His main concern is your best interests and he will always go the extra mile to ensure that you get the justice you deserve when you have been discriminated against and unfairly dismissed in the workplace because of a protected characteristic like race. 

You can always enlist Damian’s help with race discrimination and dismissal claims knowing that he has achieved outstanding results for his clients, and through hard work and dedication he has turned very difficult cases into winning ones. In addition to having a client-focused approach, Damian knows how to get to the heart of a case very quickly, saving both time and costs for his clients. By focusing on the central parts of a race discrimination and dismissal claim, he can use his skill and experience as an employment law advocate to help you achieve the best possible outcome, regardless of your circumstances. 

Commonly, Damian’s clients include high profile companies, local authorises, trade unions and Human Resource managers, however, he does also frequently assist individual claimants who are looking for representation. By exploring Damian’s website, you can learn more about how he can help with your race discrimination and dismissal claim, and help you to obtain funding if your case is suitable. There is no denying that employment law is a complex and fast-moving area of law and Damian does not just ‘dabble’ in this area, it is his sole focus, so you can trust that your case will get the capabilities it deserves.

To speak to Damian about your race discrimination and dismissal claim in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. Where he is able to do so and when your case is eligible, Damian will gladly provide you with a free initial assessment of your case. Simply complete the contact form on Damian’s website and he will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you further with your employment law issue.