Damian McCarthy – Employment Law

I am an employment law specialist, passionate about ensuring my clients interests are protected.

Over the years, I have built a reputation  for two things: fighting “tooth and nail” for my clients and getting quickly to the heart of a case.

Portrait Shoot Damian McCarthy 18th December 2014

I have litigated and represented clients – employees and employers – at the highest levels, and have extensive experience in employment law. I represented Moira Stuart against the BBC and acted for international bank HBOS against Tansey in a sexual harassment claim. I achieved outstanding results in both cases, and both went on to receive nationwide media attention.

With more than 20 years experience in handling employment law cases, many of which have been very high profile cases, I am fully aware that I have to work hard to understand your case and will work with you to achieve results.   As a “team” effort I will guide you through the difficulties that you will face and develop a winning strategy that will get you results.

I take great personal satisfaction in winning a case, and the fact that I have achieved outstanding results for my clients in some very difficult cases is a matter of professional pride to me.

If you are looking for a specialist in employment law advocate who values your interests above all else and is totally committed to your case, then I am that advocate.

Through hard work, and the application of my experience and skill as an advocate, I have turned very difficult cases into winning cases.  The biggest law firms in the UK have regularly hired me to represent their clients, and in doing so, I have established a reputation as a tough and effective employment law advocate.

You can be be assured that I will represent you fearlessly. Unlike some lawyers I will not settle your case because it is my interests to do so – my sole concern is what is in your best interests.

I say this because I have also represented a whistleblower within my own profession. I acted for a senior lawyer against two bodies that represent the legal profession. Note: I am still not permitted to name these bodies because of a confidentiality agreement.

Most of my work involves high profile employment law cases, specialising in the areas of dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing claims.  However, when I have the capacity I am also open to taking on less high profile cases.  My experience is extensive in representing clients in Employment Tribunals, whether the case be a 1 day unfair dismissal claim or a more complex 25-30 day discrimination case.  My previous clients include companies, local authorities, trade unions, Human Resource managers and individual claimants who are looking for an employment law specialist for representation and advice.

I am an enthusiastic employment law specialist and relish my work. I have a great rapport with my clients and will enjoy working with you.

Most importantly, I get results.

If you have an employment law issue and would like a free, confidential and no obligation discussion then please get in touch using my contact form.