Damian McCarthy – the individual to reach out to for employment law advice in London

Are you experiencing discrimination in the workplace and you’d like to get some employment law advice in London? Thankfully, Damian McCarthy is the best person to reach out to for assistance in this regard. As an employment law specialist with many years of experience behind him, you can turn to Damian in confidence knowing that he will be able to answer any questions that you may have during this difficult period.

Whether you’re looking for employment law advice in London regarding direct or indirect discrimination at work, Damian can assist you and you can trust that he knows The Equality Act 2010 inside out. This key piece of UK legislation covers issues involving discrimination at work and understandably, it can be difficult to get your head around. Damian will be able to highlight important points within The EA relating to your individual circumstances and he will ensure that you understand exactly how this piece of legislation protects you when you’re being discriminated against in the workplace.

Not only can Damian provide employment law advice in London, but he also has extensive experience representing clients in Employment Tribunal proceedings as well, so he can provide you with the guidance you need should you wish to make a claim against your employer. Daman is passionate about helping people get justice and he will do all he can to help you achieve your desired outcome when deciding to make a claim.

When they require not only comprehensive employment law advice in London but also assistance in making a claim to the Employment Tribunal, many choose to contact Damian due to his glowing reputation. He is known for achieving outstanding results and getting to the heart of a case very quickly, saving his clients both time and money. Uniquely, Damian is also very passionate about ensuring that his client’s interests are being protected and he will never settle a case because it is in his best interests to do so, his clients are at the forefront of all of the decisions that he makes.

So, to receive some free, confidential and no-obligation employment law advice in London, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Damian today. You can contact him by completing the short enquiry form on his website, filling in all of the required fields, and he will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call Damian’s offices on 020 8263 6080 and someone will gladly assist you further over the phone. You can trust that Damian will do all he can to help you as soon as you reach out for employment law advice in London.