Sex Discrimination Barrister London

Have you been looking for the very best Senior Advocate, with the experience of a sex discrimination barrister? The website you need to visit is Damian McCarthy. He is an expert individual with a wealth of experience in the industry. He is very committed to all the work he does and has represented clients in complex cases at the highest levels, with extensive experience in employment law – so you know he is the person you need to contact.


Damian McCarthy has a truly outstanding reputation for his customer advocacy and reliability, which he upholds with each of the clients he works with. He regularly works with companies, human resource managers, local authorities, trade unions and individual claimants who need employment law advice and representation. He has the same experience as a sex discrimination barrister in London, along with a stunning success rate in winning cases and has turned very difficult cases into excellent results for his clients.


Damian has extensive experience in representing clients in employment tribunals, in cases that vary from 1-day unfair dismissal claims to 25 – 30-day complex discrimination cases. He has been regularly hired by the biggest law firms in the UK to represent their clients and has built up a reputation as a tough and effective Advocate. He is fully committed to each and every different case and always strives to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. He is incredibly passionate about the work he does and strives to get people the justice they deserve.


Damian has specialised in claims of direct sex discrimination (Equality Act 2010, s13) and sexual harassment (Equality Act 2010, s26) for more than 25 years. He has acted for clients in very high profile claims of sex discrimination and sexual harassment in the Employment Tribunal.


Recently the Women and Equalities Committee has published results of an inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace. It has supported the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s recommendation that employers should have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect workers from harassment and victimisation.


Do you want to hire a Senior Advocate, with the same experience as a sex discrimination barrister in London? Damian McCarthy is the only person you need to contact. Please feel free to contact him today. He is proud to offer free, no-obligation consultations so please call a member of his team on 020 8263 6080 who will be more than happy to help.