Sex Discrimination Lawyer, a Senior Advocate

If you are looking for an excellent sex discrimination lawyer – you need to visit the Damian McCarthy website today. He is a Senior Advocate and an established individual in the industry that has more than 20 years experience in handling employment law cases. If you are looking for the very best sex discrimination lawyer and need the support of an experienced individual, Damian McCarthy really is the person you should go to.


Damian McCarthy has an incredibly high success rate in winning cases and will help you develop a strategy that will increase your overall success chances within your case. He understands more than anyone how tough it can be when choosing a good employment lawyer as there are many firms to choose from who all claim to be specialists in their field. Damian is regularly hired by the biggest law firms in the UK to represent their clients, so you know he is the very best sex discrimination lawyer to go to.


Damian is incredibly knowledgeable in the work he does and understands discrimination in great detail. Direct discrimination is usually the most visible discrimination type. It involves a person being treated in a way clearly less favourable than others as a direct result of this person’s protected characteristic. A common case of direct discrimination involves an employer not offering an applicant a job because of their sex or age.


Are you looking for the very best sex discrimination lawyer? Damian McCarthy is a Senior Advocate at a CMC and the only person you need to contact. He is open to working with any case that may surround employment law and no case will be deemed as being too big or small. Please call a member of our customer service team on 020 8263 6080 who will be more than happy to help.